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Pet's Botanicals CBD

Nature Knows Pets.

We love healthy pets and are committed to pet owners and veterinarians!

We love healthy pets and are committed to pet owners and veterinarians!


 We want all of our customers to be more than satisfied with their purchase and offer a money-back guarantee on any product (up to 30 days after purchase).


Veterinarian Approved

Vets love our products because they work! With over 30+ veterinarian clinics carrying our products, we have more pet owners and vets that can personally attest to the positive effect CBD has had on their beloved patients and pets. Our very own Chief Veterinarian Medical Director continues to oversee formulas so we can continue to make pets healthy.


Pharmaceutical Grade CBD

We  lead  the pack  because we understand the  unique Endocannabinoid system  in pets and formulate accordingly.  Providing the best in class CBD products  that are 100% THC free is our product mission. Our  Co2 extracted CBD isolate products are sourced through the  largest organic, USA industrial hemp manufacturer in a highly  controlled environment and processed to guarantee industry leading  purity and consistency.


For Pet Wellness & Treatment

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, creating general balance and wellness in pets. In addition, our CBD products may be effective for pet anxiety, osteoarthritis, seizures and to alleviate pet’s suffering from certain cancers.

Nature Knows Pets (And Pets Love That)

Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, Parrots, Ferrets, a Hamster, a Rat, a Chicken, and an Otter named Linus served since 2018.


Dr. Mike Freeman

I have seen first hand in the clinic the successful results we have achieved utilizing Pets Botanicals CBD products. Our patients and their owners are highly impressed with the results.


Dr. Brittany Marvel

Our clients have had great success using Pet Botanicals CBD products and consistently refill through us. We have found it safe and very effective for a wide variety of conditions but especially for our older chronic pain or cancer patients.


Dr. Dan Kirby

As a veterinarian, I am very conscious of the quality of products that I recommend for the animals that I treat. I do my research on the products, process and the company prior to bringing anything into stock. Pet’s Botanicals CBD Products have allowed us to achieve consistent clinical results.

Which Pet's Botanicals product is right for my pet(s)?

Most of our products are weight-based, and general specifications for species and size can be found in the descriptions of our Shop. A great place to start for general wellness is our travel size water-soluble refined spray and pet treats! Perfect for anxiety and stress release.

To get a personalized recommendation or for any further questions about which CBD to purchase for your pet(s) please contact

(210) 427-4222 or

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Our mission is to help pets and people everywhere enjoy healthy & fulfilling lives through our all-natural & organic CBD products.


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